Aimee Pasquier

Management Systems Topic Team Lead
Novartis Global Head HSE Third Party Assurance & Risk

Aimee has over 20 years’ experience inspiring intent-based leadership to organically build strategy and innovation through
empowering people in HSSE, manufacturing excellence, technical competencies, organizational design and creating highperformance acculturations.
Aimee loves to challenge the status quo and create changes in inflection points making way for breakthrough performances in
health, safety, and environmental systems/programs.
She is an influential game changer in the areas of EHS regulatory compliance and policies, third party assessments, WCOM,
strategic intent, risk mitigation, remediation, organizational design, change management, ROI, sustainability, BCP, built-in
integrated management systems, and loss eradication principles to uncover gaps, implement solutions, maximize organization
An empowered leader with a proven ability to motivate and build high performing cross-functional teams to drive positive
change, capability, capacity and establish a value-based culture. She is passionate, high spirited, committed to leading
operational excellence, and inspiring positive influences for culture revitalization of continuous improvement and empowerment
for change.

Over my past growth years in global leadership roles, I can appreciate the efforts of co-creating and organically manifesting a
strategic intent, compelling business needs, and performance measures. Then integrating the inspiring works of art producing
fit for purpose holistic implementation plans, people to do the hard work, and the energy to see it through fruition.
I have big ideas/dreams and I say let’s start somewhere and continuously improve. I find it rewarding to inspire and motivate
cross-functional teams to come together for a greater good to add value. I love contributing/impacting PSCI because it allows
us collectively to make the world a better place; PSCI has exponential potential and capability to make epic positive impact
leading the unified pharma movement. I am uniquely positioned in an unbossed culture, and I am able to create the space to
facilitate our values and mission enabling other achieve their aspirations in HSE [...] and beyond.