Lamy Bao

Safety Team Lead
Bristol Myers Squibb EHS Associate Director External Manufacturing

I hold a number of EHS related positions in China since 2001. Prior to joining the Corporate EHS group as internal and external EHS auditor from 2014, I was the EHS Manager at the BMS SASS Plant where I was pivotal in leading a robust EHS program. Prior to joining BMS, I held EHS positions at FedEx, Trane Air Conditioning, and Pfizer.

I define myself as a generalist in the EHS area that includes a wide range of EHS technical knowledge in environment including PiE/AMR, process safety management, industrial hygiene, general safety and emergency response and I have demonstrated strong cross-functional teamwork skills.

As an EHS auditor, I evaluated over 100 internal manufacturing sites, API and Intermediate suppliers and R&D facilities located in China, South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore and Europe since 2014.

I am fluent in Chinese and English and have a BS in Economics from the East China Normal University in 1999, as well as an MS in Safety Engineering from the East China University of Science and Technology. I am a Registered Certified Safety Engineer of China.

I joined the PSCI as a representative for BMS in 2014, and was quickly convinced to actively engage myself in the PSCI´s Supplier Capability Committee. With great support from team members of China Sub-Team and Safety Sub-Team, we have achieved several milestones, which include PSCI China Sub-Team creation, annual action plan for China Sub-Team, partnership with other EHS organization in China, promotion of PSCI vision and Principles in China, training materials preparation on Confined Space Entry, Electrical Safety and the drafting of Maturity Ladder for Safety topics.

By joining our forces and bringing together our expertise and knowledge as an acknowledged Industry Initiative, I strongly believe that we can make a positive change and drive improvement of labor, ethics, and environmental, health and safety practices in our supply chain.