Manjit Singh

Past Chair
Centrient Pharmaceuticals Associate Director-Corporate Sustainability

Manjit Singh has about 32 years experience in pharmaceutical operations including quality assurance, waste water management, in-house plant operations, sourcing, supply chain planning, and external manufacturing. He has also been a management team member for new business development.

Presently, Manjit is a member of the Sustainability Core Group at Centrient which steers corporate sustainability. He is responsible for global operational sustainability for the Centrient supply chain. His responsibilities include the implementation of the sustainability vision, the strategy, sustainability goals, setting and implementing the environment goals for 2030, devising and implementing an initiative to combat AMR in line with the UNGA commitment. He represents Centrient at PSCI, AMR IA, Eco Vadis, RATSAM, CDP and Indian regulators. He is the Centrient and India lead for PSCI. Manjit works for the not-for-profit Society for Environmental Protection and leads the tree plantation in his town.

He has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the Punjabi University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Operations from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.

I joined the PSCI as Centrient representative for PSCI in 2017 and was quickly convinced to actively get engaged in PSCI´s Supplier Capability Work Stream, co-leading the Ethics sub-team. This year I joined the Partnership Committee and started to work with the Board to forge PSCI partnerships with pharmaceutical associations in India. I had the opportunity to work closely with the Supplier Capability Committee to support to conduct the supplier workshop in India and China.

During my three year stint at PSCI, I have been fascinated by the wonderful initiatives of PSCI in transforming the pharmaceutical supply chain. PSCI is encouraging the member companies and supply chains to embrace responsible manufacturing through capability building conferences and AGM meetings. These conferences, where hundreds of professionals and companies descended to think together, sharing their knowledge, success stories, have turned out to be conclave to this transformation.