Ingrid Vande Velde

Past Chair
Johnson & Johnson Sr. Manager EHS&S External Supply EMEA - ASPAC

As Senior Manager EH&S External Supply for EMEA & ASPAC regions, Ingrid supervises a team of professionals that help
ensure EH&S and Sustainability compliance and risk management oversight at external manufacturing and targeted
supplier sites. She plays a critical role in protecting supply continuity and safeguarding the J&J reputation by ensuring the J&J
Responsibly Standards for Suppliers are deployed, maintained, and evaluated.
The team of J&J EH&S External Supply professionals executes a standardized EM/supplier risk assessment process, where
performing audits using the PSCI protocol is a key element.
Oversight includes developing the regional strategy and planning for capability building of external suppliers, risk
communication and mitigation, and achievement of Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Future supplier goals.
She also leads the deployment of sustainability efforts for EMs and API suppliers in EMEA & ASPAC.
In this role, she partners with regional external Supply Chain leadership and Procurement leaders.
Ingrid has 23 years of experience at Johnson & Johnson in various roles in the EH&S domain, including long term
assignments in the United States of America and China.
Ingrid holds a Master’s in Environmental Engineering of the University of Ghent, Belgium and is Licensed Safety
Professional, level 1 and Environmental Coordinator A following the Belgian legislation. She is also a ABIH Certified
Industrial Hygienist.

The EH&S and Sustainability opportunities in our supply base are enormous, with new challenges and trends coming our way
quickly [...] If we do it ourselves, we’ll continue to make progress, but if we do it as an industry, we will really make a difference in advancing
responsible supply chain practices across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
The strength of PSCI is all about what members bring to the table and even as important, the extended network it organically
brings to each of us.
I’m delighted to see that PSCI is maintaining its focus on audit sharing and supplier capability building – both critical elements
of the PSCI program. Extensive supplier training and interaction, coaching and mutual sharing of best practices is – in my view
– the single biggest opportunity for the organization to improve environmental health, safety and social standards in the supply
chain and I’m excited to see what the PSCI does in this area.