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Thank you for your interest in joining the PSCI.

Becoming a PSCI member means contributing to a community committed to driving responsible value chain practices.  Our members uphold the PSCI Principles and abide by the membership expectations.

Membership is open to companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that share our vision of excellence in safety, environmental, and social outcomes across the global pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain.

To be eligible for membership, your company must fit at least one of the following requirements:

  • Substantial revenues* from patented / proprietary medicines or medical devices
  • Substantial revenues* from medical products sold direct to consumer under the company’s brand
  • Manufacture generic (off patent) medicines and medical products where these are substantially* sold direct to customers under the company’s own marketing licenses
  • Provide ingredients or components where these are substantially* patented or trade-marked by the supplying companies

*more than 50% of the company’s sales

For companies that are not quite ready for Full membership, an Associate membership category is available which allows companies to develop their practices towards Full membership.

  • Full membership is for companies that are ready to fully participate in PSCI. Full membership is a great way to demonstrate leadership.
  • Associate membership allows companies to learn as a part of PSCI whilst you build you sustainable and audit programs. Associate members must progress to full membership within a maximum of 3 years.

All membership applications are reviewed by the Board, and existing members are given the opportunity to comment. Applicants will likely be contacted for further information during this process. As such, please expect the process to take approximately 3-4 months from submitting the application to approval; on some occasions it may take longer. The PSCI Secretariat is available to speak to throughout this time.

To apply, please fill in the application form in English and submit your responses on completion. The Secretariat will be in touch soon to progress your application. Your application will be reviewed by the PSCI. Your details will not be shared outside the PSCI.

For supplying companies, we also offer the Supplier Partnership category.  Membership and Supplier Partnership are restricted to only those companies that fit the respective requirements. If you are a Supplier to the pharmaceutical industry looking to join our online supplier community for news, resources and events, and to share assessments of your site, please register here instead.

Membership Application

Company Details


Primary Contact

This individual will be the day-to-day contact with the PSCI, for example a representative from your Procurement, HSE or Sustainability team.


This application must be approved by a senior signatory such as your Chief Procurement Officer, Head of HSE or Sustainability or an equivalent Director-level role.

Company Background

Audit Program

Membership Expectations

I have reviewed and understood the membership requirements for Full and Associate membership, and I am confident that my company can meet the requirements for the membership type being applied for.

My company commits to supporting and upholding the 5 Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management that the PSCI is founded on.

Adherence to the PSCI Principles will be displayed on my company's website in a supplier facing capacity.

My company will adhere to the PSCI by-laws.

My company will actively contribute to the PSCI Working Committees..

I understand that the details within this application will be used by the PSCI to identify me and to send me communications relating to this application.

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