Apply For Supplier Partnership

Thank you for your interest in joining the PSCI.

Becoming a PSCI supplier partner means committing to the PSCI Principles and contributing to a community committed to driving responsible value chain practices.

Supplier Partnership is available to companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that share our vision of excellence in safety, environmental, and social outcomes across the global pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain.

To be eligible for supplier partnership, your company must fit at least one of the following requirements:

  • Manufacturer of components or ingredients
  • Manufacturer of finished pharmaceutical or medical products, which are then supplied to customers under the clients’ brand name or licence (CMOs)
  • ‘White label’ service provider (CDOs, CROs)

Supplier Partners must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete the PSCI Maturity Models at group level.
  • Share audit reports of your own manufacturing / operational facilities supplying PSCI members on the PSCI platform. You must share audits of at least 20% of your total business; and share all immediately available PSCI audits.
  • For any major / critical findings, a Transparent CAPR (with progress tracking) must be provided.

To apply, please fill in the application form in English and submit your responses on completion. The Secretariat will be in touch soon to progress your application. Your application will be reviewed by the PSCI. Your details will not be shared outside the PSCI. If you are a Supplier to the pharmaceutical industry looking to join our online supplier community for news, resources and events, and to share assessments of your site, please register here instead.

For companies in research & development, or with patented, licensed or branded products, we also offer PSCI Membership. Membership and Supplier Partnership are restricted to only those companies that fit the respective requirements.

Supplier Partnership Application

Company Details


Primary Contact

This individual will be the day-to-day contact with the PSCI, for example a representative from your Procurement, HSE or Sustainability team.


This application must be approved by a senior signatory such as your Chief Procurement Officer, Head of HSE or Sustainability or an equivalent Director-level role.

Company Background

Supplier Partnership Requirements

My company commits to the PSCI Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management

The PSCI Maturity Models have been accurately completed at company group level

Reports of manufacturing / operational facilities supplying PSCI members, to a minimum 20% of our company business, have been shared in the PSCI web application, and all immediately available PSCI audits have been shared.

Transparent CAPRs (with progress tracking), covering any major / critical findings in audit reports, have been, and will continue to be, provided.

I understand that the details within this application will be used by the PSCI to identify me and to send me communications relating to this application.

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