This event was published on 16 April 2018
PSCI Supplier Conference 2018 - Shanghai

PSCI Supplier Conference 2018 - Shanghai

Conference | 19–20 Sep 2018

Our 2018 professional development conference in China will focus on best-practice sharing in the areas of Ethics, Labor, Health and Safety, Environment and Management Systems.

The two-day conference will be split into focussed case study sessions given by PSCI members, suppliers and expert organisations. In these sessions we will share success stories and explore the challenges facing our industry, giving the opportunity to recognise the contributions that our partners are already making and to further develop expertise.

Day 1 - Business Ethics and Labor Rights Session
19 Sep 2018 09:00–10:00 Beijing

A chance to learn more about ethics/integrity basics, managing forced labor risks in subcontracted workforce, and legal requirements on use of internship.

Target audience: Management ranging from top management to practitioners, Legal and compliance professionals, Human resources professionals and Sourcing managers.

Day 1 - PiE/AMR, Environment and Safety Session
19 Sep 2018 09:00–10:00 Beijing

Introduction and review of PiE/AMR risk assessment and management, environmental risk management in operations and supply chain, best practices among the industry, and presentation on safety topics.

Target audience: Health, Safety & Environment Professionals, Plant managers, Plant engineers, Project manager and Waste Water Treatment engineers and Sourcing managers.

Day 2 - Process Safety Management and Industrial Hygiene Session
20 Sep 2018 09:00–10:00 Beijing

Presentations on process safety topics and best practice sharing, and introduction to managing industrial hygiene risks with case study.

Target audience: Functional heads, Managers and Site Leaders responsible for these subject areas.

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