This event was published on 11 June 2021

PSCI Webinar: Explosion Protection (Part 1)

Webinar | 8 Jul 2021 13:30–14:30 New Delhi

The PSCI Process Safety Management Topic Team is delighted to announce its upcoming training, divided into two parts. This first webinar will provide a:

  • General introduction to the topic of explosion protection
  • Description of electrostatic ignition sources
  • Introduction to the European ATEX and the US NFPA regulations

We're delighted to be joined by Kumarkrishna Bhattacharjee from Novartis.

The second webinar will take place on 12 August and will focus on the three types of fuel involved in explosions (solids, flammable vapors and gases) and their specificities. it will conclude with remarks related to risk reduction measures. Invitations for the second webinar will be sent in July.

Please register by Monday 5 July 2021.

The webinar will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend it live.

We look forward to seeing you there!

8 Jul 2021 13:30–14:30 New Delhi
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  • Process Safety