This event was published on 6 May 2020

PSCI webinar: Updated Audit Guidance

Webinar | 27 May 2020 14:00–15:00 Belgrade

Following the launch of the updated PSCI Audit Guidance, the PSCI Audit Committee is holding a webinar to explain the updates and changes to the Audit Guidance document. At the webinar, you'll be able to hear about:

  • Introduction to Audit Guidance document and its history
  • Updates in version 5, April 2020
  • How members/suppliers/auditors can make use of the Audit Guidance document
  • Other useful resources related to PSCI audit program

The webinar will end with a Q&A session. We are delighted to be joined by the following speaker:

  • Birgit Skuballa from Bayer
27 May 2020 14:00–15:00 Belgrade
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