This resource was published on 11 May 2022
Annual Report 2021 - Exceptional Advancement

Annual Report 2021 - Exceptional Advancement


Today the PSCI published its 2021 Annual Report, summarizing a year of exceptional advancement towards achieving our shared vision of excellence in safety, environmental, and social outcomes across the global pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain.

Key developments in 2021 include:

  • Growth in membership, with 53 member companies adopting the PSCI Principles
  • Increased audit sharing, with 116 new audits uploaded to our bespoke audit sharing platform
  • Finalization of our master supplier learning curriculum, with the launch of our eight maturity models for suppliers to use to advance their practices
  • Unprecedented levels of supplier engagement through two large-scale Virtual Supplier Conferences in China and India, reaching 2,000+ attendees
  • Promising insights on our impact on the industry, with preliminary analysis on audit data showing that our influence supports positive change on supplier practices

Manjit Singh, 2021 PSCI Chair and Associate Director of Corporate Sustainability at Centrient Pharmaceuticals says,

2021 was a year of spectacular growth for the PSCI in membership and activity. Despite the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, every aspect of the PSCI's program developed and grew from our shared audits to our supplier capability interactions. I have appreciated the professional and energetic contribution of my fellow PSCI members and watched with great pride the growth of the organization and the impact it has upon our entire industry.

You can read about these advancements and more in the report below.

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