This resource was published on 23 January 2023
Decarbonization Maturity Model

Decarbonization Maturity Model


Decarbonizing the pharmaceutical industry in line with global efforts is a core component of PSCI’s environmental principle. Action is needed and PSCI members realize the importance of working together with their suppliers, often the majority of the footprint across the whole value chain.

This is why we're pleased to launch the PSCI Decarbonization Pathway, a tool that the industry can use to move towards a net zero value chain, in line with global goals such as the COP Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals. The maturity model provides a clear pathway for suppliers to develop their capability and response towards reducing their carbon emissions.

PSCI Members, through their Decarbonization team and partnerships with leading organisations, will continue to provide the resources that suppliers will need in this journey.

Version: v2 May 2024

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