This resource was published on 3 April
The PSCI publishes Audit Findings Analysis Report

The PSCI publishes Audit Findings Analysis Report


The PSCI shares its first public Audit Findings Report, providing insight and visibility over key risks, trends, and improvements in the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain.

As part of the PSCI's goal to promote consistency, quality, and innovation in all aspects of supplier evaluation and audit, we analyze PSCI audits conducted and uploaded on our shared platform on an annual basis. This report shows what we’ve found by analyzing 3,500 findings from 339 PSCI audits conducted during 2020-2022 and uploaded to the PSCI platform by the end of 2022.

We are specifically interested in understanding how the findings are distributed across the five areas of the PSCI Principles, our blueprint for responsible supply chain management & foundation of our tools. This analysis gives us visibility over how findings are changing over time and our impact on the industry.

This report, the first we have shared publicly, shows the results of a deep dive analysis into each area, focusing on 1,955 findings from 195 PSCI audits uploaded by the end of 2022. These findings reveal key risks, areas for improvement, and opportunities for PSCI members to support their suppliers to improve their practices.

This analysis also provides a high-level understanding of regional differences and levels of maturity, allowing us to provide regionally specific support on hot topics through our capability building work and begin to understand our own impact on the industry.

Speaking of the report's publication, Dorota Wiacek-Trojanowska, Audit Committee member says,

The annual analysis of audit results carried out by the PSCI not only provides information enabling the identification of the most important challenges faced by both PSCI members and suppliers, but also shows new challenges that we must be able to face. The audit results give us the opportunity to collect and analyze information on the biggest challenges in ensuring a sustainable supply chain in the whole pharma sector.