This resource was published on 3 February 2016

Managing APIs In Manufacturing Effluent Webinar Part 1 - 27th January 2016 - Recording

This is a recording of the PSCI sponsored webinar on how to manage APIs in manufacturing effluent which took place on 27th January 2016. The webinar provided step-by-step guidance on this ‘spotlight’ issue for our industry and covered the following topics:

  • Why is managing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in manufacturing effluent important?
  • What is the industry doing to improve public perceptions?
  • Understanding where you stand at the moment through the maturity ladder concept.
  • Establishing and calculating API discharge concentration called the Predicted-No-Effect-Concentration (PNEC).
  • Simple steps to reducing API process losses to waste water and what to do when the PNEC is exceeded.
  • How to advance your program to the next level.

The webinar slide-deck is available here.

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