Webinar slide deck - managing APIs in manufacturing effluent Part 1 - 27th Jan 2016

3 Feb 2016

This is the slide deck for the PSCI sponsored webinar on how to manage APIs in manufacturing effluent which took place on 27th January 2016. The webinar provided step-by-step guidance on this ‘spotlight’ issue for our industry and covered the following topics:

  • Why is managing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in manufacturing effluent important?
  • What is the industry doing to improve public perceptions?
  • Understanding where you stand at the moment through the maturity ladder concept.
  • Establishing and calculating API discharge concentration called the Predicted-No-Effect-Concentration (PNEC).
  • Simple steps to reducing API process losses to waste water and what to do when the PNEC is exceeded.
  • How to advance your program to the next level.
  • Environment
  • Pharmaceuticals In The Environment