This resource was published on 23 July 2019

Antimicrobial Resistance Webinar - Recording

This webinar initially aired on 18th July 2019

In this webinar we will be looking at the impact of pharmaceutical manufacturing on antimicrobial resistance, as well as demonstrating PSCI's PEC:PNEC calculator tool.

Our speakers will be covering the issues associated with antimicrobial drugs in wastewater, targets for environmental risk assessment of antimicrobial drugs, and how to assess the risk of antimicrobial drugs in wastewater.

We are delighted to be joined by the following speakers:

  • Daniel Caldwell, Global Director, Environmental and Occupational Toxicology at Johnson & Johnson;
  • Neil Parke, Global HSE Consultant at Lilly.
  • Pharmaceuticals In The Environment
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance