This resource was published on 9 October 2020

Supplier Conference 2020 (China) - Session 1 - Recording & Slides | 2020年PSCI 供应商会议(中国) - 第一场 - 完整视频和ppt


The first session of the 2020 PSCI China supplier conferences took place virtually on 17 September and covered PSCI Updates and Management Systems.

The full recording of the session is available here (code: PSCI). Slides are available for download below.

Recordings and slides of individual presentations are also available as individual resources - please click on the relevant links below:

2020 PSCI线上供应商会议(中国)第一场PSCI最新发展和管理体系的完整视频在此链接 获取。 (提取码 PSCI)。会议PPT请点击下方“DOWNLOAD”下载。