This resource was published on 22 October 2020

Supplier Conference 2020 (China) Session 2 - How To Do A Mass Balance Calculation - Recording & Slides


This presentation on How to do a mass balance calculation was delivered by:
此演讲由下列嘉宾分享生态环境中药物活性成分的总量平衡计算 :

  • Ken Sun, EHS&S Lead -Third Party, GSK | 孙大勇,第三方EHS&S主管,葛兰素史克
  • Wenjun Wang, Senior EHS Manager, Pfizer Global Environment, Health and Safety | 王文君, 高级EHS经理,辉瑞

This session was facilitated by Maggie Zhang, Partner Manager at Carnstone.

The recording is available here (code:PSCI). The slides are available for download below.
会议视频请点击此 链接 获取 (提取码 PSCI)。会议PPT请在下方点击“DOWNLOAD”下载。