This resource was published on 17 March 2021

Supplier Self-Initiated Audit Brochure (For Suppliers)

Organisational Information

Supplier Self-initiated Audit Programme (SSIA) is a pilot programme led by PSCI Audit Committee to encourage suppliers to take a proactive, risk-based approach and self-initiate PSCI audits for their facilities.

With the pilot programme this year, the PSCI will pay for a new Supplier Self-initiated Audit of the supplier facility. The audit should be completed by a PSCI approved audit firm and shared with PSCI members on the Link. Any supplier to PSCI Member can apply to participate in SSIA.

This document for suppliers explains:

  • What is SSIA and the benefits
  • Who can participate and the requirements
  • How to conduct a SSIA

Members are welcome to share the brochure with suppliers you would like to see conducting a PSCI audit.

If you are interested in learning more about the programme, please contact Audit Committee Secretariat Blake Zheng for more information. Thank you.

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