This resource was published on 15 April 2021

Environmental Survey For Suppliers Webinar - Recording & Slides


Since 2016, a group of PSCI members have been working together to standardize their environmental data request to suppliers through a common set of questions, known as the PSCI Environmental Survey. The benefit is that suppliers should be receiving a common set of questions, but currently companies collect the data using different routes: some use an Excel file, and some a third-party platform.

The PSCI has now built the Environmental Survey into the PSCI platform for suppliers (called The Link). Each of the PSCI’s 50 members will now be able to use that platform to collect data from suppliers and we anticipate that many will do so. We hope that this will streamline and simplify your reporting of environmental and carbon emissions to your customers as one reply can now be shared with many customers.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the new platform and how to use it. You'll hear about:

  • Data captured by the survey
  • Technical aspects of the environmental survey
  • How to access the PSCI Link platform
  • Responding to requests to share your data from PSCI members

We were delighted to be joined by Alejandro Fiocco, Partner at Carnstone and Secretariat for the PSCI Environment Team.

The recording is available here. (Please refresh the page if you cannot play the video.)

The slides used during the webinar are available for download below.

Participants (including registrants who were unable to attend) are invited to share feedback about this webinar here.

Please also note that guidance about the Environmental survey is available here (the excel version is accessible here).