This event was published on 14 August 2020

India Conference - Session 2: Environment, Pharmaceuticals in the Environment/AMR

Conference | 24 Sep 2020 13:30–17:30 New Delhi
  • Session 2 - Environment, Pharmaceuticals in the Environment/AMR, Sept 24
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    Topics are likely to include:
    Climate Change (GHG) & Sustainable packaging | Introduction to the growing importance to PiE/AMR | Sampling and analysing APIs in wastewater with case studies | Indian Case Study on Controlling API Releases
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PSCI Environment Sub-Team Overview (15 minutes)
24 Sep 2020 13:30–14:30 New Delhi

Learn about PSCI Principles, maturity modeling, available training modules and tools.


Rikke Christensen
Head of Sustainable Procurement, LEO Pharma

PSCI Environment Sub-Team Co-Lead

Zelia Kranich
Sustainable Sourcing Associate Director, Merck & Co.

PSCI Environment Sub-Team Co-Lead

Taking climate action (20 minutes)
24 Sep 2020 13:50–14:50 New Delhi

Learn about what pharmaceutical companies expect of their suppliers, how to make a business case, how to calculate greenhouse gas emissions and the five next steps for your business.


Glynn Roberts
Director and Senior Partner, Carnstone

Sustainable packaging (30 minutes)
24 Sep 2020 14:15–15:15 New Delhi

Learn about Sustainable Packaging basics and the case for action, how to make your packaging more sustainable and review case studies from peer suppliers and pharmaceutical companies.


Jacqueline Hollands
Global Manager, Customer Sustainability Solutions, MilliporeSigma
Victor Bell
US Managing Director, Lorax EPI
Zelia Kranich
Sustainable Sourcing Associate Director, Merck & Co.

PSCI Environment Sub-Team Co-Lead

The Global Problem of Pharmaceutical Pollution (20 minutes)
24 Sep 2020 15:05–16:05 New Delhi

An introduction to the growing issue of pharmaceuticals in the environment which could be contributing to AMR.


Professor Alistair Boxall
Professor, Department of Environment and Geography, University of York

Draft Indian Wastewater Standards - Current Status and Possible Ramifications for Indian companies
24 Sep 2020 15:30–16:30 New Delhi

An overview will be given of the current proposed wastewater regulations by the Indian government and its possible ramifications for PiE and AMR for Indian companies.


Mugundan Ramachandran
Senior Consultant, ERM India Private Limited
Shivananda Shetty
Partner & Commercial Director, ERM India Private Limited

Introduction to sampling and analysing APIs in wastewater (20 minutes)
24 Sep 2020 16:05–17:05 New Delhi

Introduction on how and where to sample wastewater and analyse for APIs.


Jon Stanway
Biotechnology & Environmental Downstream Manager, GSK

Indian Case Study on Controlling API Releases Including Wastewater Treatment/Analysis (20 minutes)
24 Sep 2020 16:30–17:30 New Delhi

A case study will presented on how Teva controlled API releases from their Indian site.


Jon Peers
Director of Environment, Teva

Closing Comments | End of Conference Day 2 (40 minutes)
24 Sep 2020 16:50–17:50 New Delhi

Closing remarks.

24 Sep 2020 13:30–17:30 New Delhi
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  • Environment
  • Spills & Releases
  • Pharmaceuticals In The Environment
  • Decarbonization