This resource was published on 14 September 2020

PIE & AMR Webinar (Wastewater Treatment Technologies) - Recording & Slides


The webinar explored best practice wastewater treatment methods for managing the release of APIs into the environment from pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. It was delivered by renowned experts and featured case studies on novel treatment technologies.

We were delighted to be joined by the following speakers:

  • Jeffrey Brenchley from Merck (MSD) (Senior Specialist, Global Safety & Environment), speaking about vacuum evaporation
  • Birgit Mertens from Johnson & Johnson (Senior Principal Environment Worldwide EHS&S), speaking about ozone as pretreatment
  • Jonathan Rhone from Axine Water Technologies Inc. (President and CEO), speaking about electrochemical oxidation

Participants are invited to share feedback about this webinar here.

The recording is available here. (Please refresh the page if you cannot play the video.)

The slides used during the webinar are available to download below.

Please also note that registration for the second session of our supplier conferences is open until 17 September. Topics covered will include climate change (GHG) & sustainable packaging ; sampling and analysing APIs in wastewater with case studies ; a case study on Controlling API Releases; environmental hazards of drugs and case analysis ; and mass balance calculations. To register, please click here for the China session and here for the India session.

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