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This resource was published on 30 September 2022

India Supplier Conference 2022 - Session 1 - Slides

The first session of the 2022 PSCI India supplier conferences took place in-person on the 21st of September and covered Safety and Process Safety Management.

The full slide deck is available for download below at "View More".

The presentations covered are as follows:

  • PSCI Safety Principle - Supplier Maturity Model
    Vijaya Sarathy, EHS Manager, West Pharmaceuticals Services
  • Business Continuity Plans
    Ranjana Ganguly, EHS Vice President - India, Pfizer
    Amish Kamat, EHS Regional Manager - APAC, Bayer
    Dr JVN Reddy, President, Aurobindo
    Vijaya Sarathy, EHS Manager, West Pharmaceuticals Services
    Declan Kielty, Business Resilience Leader, Pfizer
  • Lab Safety – Risk and Prevention Opportunities
    Naveen Mittal, EHS Senior Manager, Centrient Pharmaceuticals
  • Process Safety Management: General Introduction
    Vijaya Kumar Bendi, Manager-ESE, HS&S, Johnson & Johnson
  • Hazardous Area Classification
    M. Sasikumar, General Manager, Cholamandalam MS Risk Services
  • Approach for Implementing Risk Based Process Safety Management Systems as per Centre for Chemical Process Safety
    Sivala Ravi Kiran, Head of Corporate EHS & Sustainability, Biocon
  • Preventive Maintenance of Safety Equipment
    Subramoni S, EHS Chief Manager, Piramal Pharma
  • Health & Safety
  • Process Safety
  • Hazard Information
  • Management Systems
  • Safety - High Risk Areas
This resource was published on 9 August 2022
Particulate Containment Verification With Surrogate Monitoring - Slides

Particulate Containment Verification With Surrogate Monitoring - Slides


Surrogates such as naproxen sodium, lactose and mannitol are used in place of an API to determine particulate containment provided by a containment equipment such as an isolator. Selection of a surrogate, surrogate properties (moisture content, particle size distribution), methods for surrogate monitoring, locations of area positional samples, and Containment Performance Target (CPT) concentrations,  are critical in the decision making,  among other factors.   The speakers will share surrogate monitoring methods utilizing ISPE Good Practice Guide: Assessing the Particulate Containment Performance of Pharmaceutical Equipment.

The webinar was created by:
• Maharshi Mehta, CIH, CSP, FAIHA, President
• Ankit Sharma, CIH, LFOH, Associate Director, International Safety Systems, Inc (ISS)

  • Identification Of Concerns
  • Process Safety
  • Hazard Information
  • Waste Management
  • Regulations