This resource was published on 1 November 2021

Supplier Conference 2021 (China) - Session 1 - Recording & Slides | 2021年PSCI 供应商会议(中国) - 第一场 - 完整视频和ppt


The first session of the 2021 PSCI China supplier conferences took place virtually on 9 September and covered Introduction, Human Rights & Labor, Environment.

The full recording of the session is available here. Slides are available for download below.

2021PSCI线上供应商会议(中国)第一场在9月9日举行,会议内容包括PSCI 最新发展、劳工及环境。

本次会议的完整视频请点击链接 (提取码 9m1p) 获取。会议PPT请在下方点击“DOWNLOAD”下载。

The first session includes: 第一场会议具体包括:

  • Recent developments within PSCI
    Manjit Singh, PSCI Chair, Associate Director - Corporate Sustainability, Centrient
    Manjit Singh, PSCI主席,可持续发展副总监,灿盛制药

  • Audit Committee update: remote audit, audit sharing and supplier self-initiated audit
    Kelley Jiang, Head HSE TPRM Operational Excellence Global HSE, Novartis
    审核委员会最新内容: 远程审计、共享审计报告与供应商自发PSCI 审核
    江戎, 大中国区供应商健康安全环境风险管理主管, 诺华制药

  • Common findings in PSCI audits under Labor section
    Minnie Mai, Senior Technical Manager,TÜV Rheinland
    麦璐, 高级技术经理,德国莱茵

  • 3060 carbon targets and latest government regulations
    Stone Huang, lawyer and certified safety engineer, Jin Mao Law Firm 3060双碳目标制定背景双碳目标制定背景及及最新相关法规政策探讨
    黄启荣,律师/注册安全工程师, 金茂律师事务所

  • Practices to achieve carbon reduction targets + CSR reporting regarding emission reduction
    Joyce Xiong, Consultant Director, ERM碳减排实践与CSR报告
    熊昀青, 顾问总监, 伊尔姆环境资源管理咨询公司