This resource was published on 22 October 2020

Supplier Conference 2020 (China) - Session 2 - Recording & Slides | 2020年PSCI 供应商会议(中国) - 第二场 - 完整视频和ppt


The second session of the 2020 PSCI China supplier conferences took place virtually on 24 September and covered Environment, Pharmaceuticals in the Environment/AMR.

The full recording of the session is available here (code:PSCI). Slides are available for download below.

Recordings and slides of individual presentations are also available as individual resources - please click on the relevant links below:

2020 PSCI线上供应商会议(中国)第二场在9月24日举行,会议内容包括环境,环境中药物残留及抗微生物药物耐药性。

本次会议的完整视频请点击链接 获取 (提取码 PSCI) 获取会议视频。会议PPT请在下方点击“DOWNLOAD”下载。


  • Environment
  • Pharmaceuticals In The Environment
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance